About GJOA

Our History

History buffs will recognize that the stout ship GJOA (pronounced Yō’-ă) was used by famous Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen and his brave crew to, for the first time ever, successfully navigate the Northwest Passage in the early 1900’s. The purpose of the voyage was to open new business trade routes and opportunities to the west.

So, just as its namesake did many years ago, GJOA.COM can be conceptualized as a “vessel” that B2B buyers and sellers can use to identify and capture new business trading opportunities whether locally, nationally or internationally. Most legal B2B goods and services can be bought and sold on GJOA.COM.

We invite all organizations from small, early-stage entrepreneurial organizations to the world’s largest organizations whether for-profit, not-for-profit/NGO or governmental to join us and do business. All legal organizations are welcome to use GJOA.COM to do business with one another on our easy-to-use, secure and ever-growing “Do Business System.” There has never been a less expensive, more profitable and more direct way to conduct and sustain meaningful business relationships on the internet!

Terrecom, LLC is proud to have introduced the first global B2B marketplace and business portal in October of 1997, Terrecom.com. Our original website predated all other broad-based, global B2B marketplaces, including Alibaba, and operated until several years ago when management decided to take it down [after informing our users, of course], due to the changing nature of the internet, and “start from scratch” to design a website with all new code and functionality now possible. We hope you like the improvements! We will continue to add more valuable functionality in the future for our users.

Our Mission

Just as the Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen’s sturdy ship Gjøa saw he and his intrepid crew safely through the Northwest Passage in search of new trading opportunities, GJOA’s mission is to help all types of organizations identify and sustain new and existing business relationships, whether local, national or international.

Our Vision

In order to fulfill our stated mission, GJOA will provide to our members an ever-increasing number of cost-effective, simple and easy-to-use functions of high value for use in both buying and selling the products and services they need to grow and prosper.