Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions below.  If you cannot find an answer to your question, please contact us and we’ll do our best to promptly respond.

Is my information private and secure?

We take privacy & security of all information provided by Registered Buyers and Vendors seriously. All data is protected by “state of the art” processes and procedures. That said, we cannot [nor can anyone] guarantee that a determined hacker cannot gain access to any website. Thus, GJOA.COM is not responsible for losses, either directly or indirectly as a result of such intrusions. See our Privacy Policy for more detailed information.

What does it cost to be a buyer?

There is no cost to set your company up as a Buyer on GJOA. Once registered, you can search for products and services and send unlimited Requests For Quotes (RFQS) to Vendors / Suppliers for the purpose of sourcing competitive bids. You can also choose to add products to your Shopping Cart and checkout / purchase items instantly, if you see the shopping cart option on the product pages.

Note, some Vendors may choose not to activate instant purchases/shopping carts, electing ONLY to use the RFQ system. This is the Vendor’s choice. If you don’t see a shopping cart option simply send the RFQ or contact the vendor directly using their information found on their Company Profile page.

How does shipping and delivery work?

The means for shipping & delivery is solely controlled by decisions made directly between buyers and vendors for a specific transaction. We hope that parties to transactions elect to use providers of these services who are Registered Vendors on GJOA.COM. Please refer to our Shipping Policy for more information.

How do I return or replace an item purchased?

The determination of returns & replacements is done solely at the discretion of the buyer and vendor on each transaction to negotiate a satisfactory result for both parties. GJOA.COM reserves the right to remove unreasonable participants to issues relating to returns & replacements. We always expect our users to conduct themselves in a professional manner, and that includes satisfactorily reaching agreements on returns & replacements when appropriate. Specific return or replacement policies are strictly determined directly by the buyer and vendor for any specific transaction between them. GJOA.COM expects all our Registered Buyers and Vendors to agree on such policies in advance of the transaction being completed. We also expect that the resolution of issues relating to returns and replacements will be handled professionally between the parties to the transaction. Failure to conduct this resolution in a professional manner, if carried to the extreme, may lead to one or both parties being removed permanently from GJOA.COM.

How do I order a product or service?

GJOA.COM provides methods for both communication between parties to a transaction and for order processing. We also provide the capability to conduct ongoing business relationships between business partners. We are all about facilitating long-term business relationships between our Registered Buyers and Vendors.

What is your pricing and payment policy

Policies that relate to payment, pricing & promotions are directly determined by our Registered Vendors. That said, there is nothing wrong with good-faith negotiation of such terms between Registered Buyers and Vendors. We provide a communications capability where such negotiations can take place. GJOA.COM currently provides a “shopping cart” allowing Registered Buyers to use credit cards to purchase the goods and services they desire. We also serve as a global escrow system, whereby payments are not released to the Vendor until the order has shipped.

How do I view my pervious orders

Procedures are furnished whereby Registered Buyers & Vendors can view their current orders, complete, and pay for those orders, and store the order data so that it can be easily called up for reorder.

How do I update my account information

Registered Buyers and Vendors each have a personal/business dashboard where they can manage all aspects of their GJOA.COM account and goods/services listings…their own B2B marketplace.