Terms and Conditions

Last updated: October, 18, 2020

General Prohibitions

You may not post or sell any item that is restricted or prohibited by a federal, state or local law in any country or jurisdiction. Please be aware that GJOA.COM (the “Website”) functions as a global marketplace, thus the selling or posting of items may be prohibited because of laws outside of the jurisdiction where you reside. Below, we have listed some categories of prohibited or restricted items. However, this list is not exhaustive; you, as the seller, are responsible for ensuring that you are not posting an item that is prohibited by law in any jurisdiction.

GJOA.COM has chosen to also prohibit the posting of other categories of items which may not be restricted or prohibited by law but are nonetheless controversial including:

(a) Items that encourage illegal activities;

(b) Items that are racially, religiously or ethnically derogatory, or that promote hatred, violence, racial or religious intolerance;

(c) Giveaways, lotteries, raffles, or contests;

(d) Pornographic materials or items that are ****** in nature;

(e) Items that do not offer a product or service for sale, such as advertisements solely for the purpose of collecting user information.

GJOA.COM in its sole and exclusive discretion, reserves the right to impose additional restrictions and prohibitions. GJOA.COM is not responsible for any loss or damage of any kind you may incur from dealing with any third party as the result of the exercise of the aforementioned right reserved to GJOA.COM.


Artifacts, cultural relics, historical grave markers, and related items are protected under the laws of the United States, and other jurisdictions and may not be posted or sold through the Website.

Counterfeit Currency and Stamps

GJOA.COM strictly forbids the sale and purchase of counterfeit currency and stamps, coins, bank notes, bonds, money orders, and other securities, as well as the equipment used to produce such items. Reproductions or replicas of coins as collectible items must be clearly marked with the word “COPY”, “REPRODUCTION”, “REPLICA” or as otherwise required under local law.

Credit Cards

Credit or debit cards cannot lawfully be transferred from one person to another, and therefore such items may not be listed on the Website.

Drugs & Associated Paraphernalia

The listing or sale of narcotics, steroids or other controlled substances (including all drugs listed in Schedules I, II, III, IV or V of the Uniform Controlled Substances Act, 21 U.S.C. 801 et seq.) is strictly forbidden on the Website. The listing or sale of drug paraphernalia, including all items that are primarily intended or designed for use in manufacturing, concealing, or using a controlled substance is strictly forbidden on the Website. Such items include, but are not limited to those items used for the ingestion of illicit substances including pipes such as water pipes, carburetor pipes, chamber pipes, ice pipes, bongs, etc.

Ethically or Racially Offensive Material

Postings that are ethnically or racially offensive are prohibited on the Website. Sellers and purchasers must ensure that any wording used portrays appropriate sensitivity to those who might read it in their postings, and when they are offering or purchasing potentially offensive items or services. Occasionally, if materials are of historical value or integral to the item (such as a book title), members may use offensive words and phrases in the subject and description of a posting. GJOA.COM requires that all users respect the rights of others in all regards, and to conduct themselves in a wholly professional manner consistent with a professional business website. Failure to do so may result in permanent banishment from GJOA.COM.


GJOA.COM allows the listing of tickets to performance, sporting and entertainment events to the extent permitted by law. However, as a ticket seller, you are responsible for ensuring that your particular transaction does not violate any applicable law or the terms on the ticket itself.


Items containing the likeness, image, name, or signature of another person are prohibited, unless the products were made or authorized by the person whose likeness, image, name or signature has been used.


Before you post a listing related to regulated financial products and services (including, but not limited to, the sale of stocks, bonds, credit, investment interests, or other securities), you must ensure that you have complied with all applicable laws and regulations.


The posting of, offering for sale, or offering for purchase of any arms, ammunitions, military ordnance, weapons (including explosive weapons), and/or any related parts or accessories is strictly prohibited. Such activity can result in your account being delisted.¬†GJOA.COM¬†does not permit the posting, offering for sale, or offering of purchase of air guns, BB guns, paintball guns, stun guns, harpoons, spear guns, or any other weapons that may discharge a projectile containing any gas, chemicals, or explosive substances. Replica, “look-alike”, and imitation products of the above items under certain circumstances will be permitted only upon the express approval of¬†GJOA.COM. Any servicing, instruction, processing, or aid of producing any biological, chemical, or nuclear weapons, or any other Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) or its known associated agents is strictly prohibited by international law and is accordingly prohibited on the Website. Any violation of this policy will result in the notification of government authorities by¬†GJOA.COM¬†and your account being delisted. Knives and other cutting instruments will in most cases be permitted to be listed. Switchblade knives, gravity knifes, knuckledusters (bladed or not), bladed hand-held devices, and disguised knives are not permitted to be listed.¬†GJOA.COM¬†maintains discretion over what items are appropriate and may cause removal of a listing that it deems as a weapon.


The posting of tobacco products, including but not limited to cigars, cigarettes, cigarette tobacco, pipe tobacco, ****** tobacco, chewing tobacco and tobacco leaf is forbidden on the Website. The  posting of nicotine and liquids for use in electronic cigarettes is forbidden on the Website.


GJOA.COM does not permit listings that offer the sale or buying of gold, silver and other precious metals (not including jewelry).


The following items may not be listed on the Website:

(a) Items that claim to be, or appear similar to, official government identification documents or licenses, such as birth certificates, drivers licenses, visas or passports. Furthermore, completed applications for such documents containing personal information may not be listed.

(b) Fake identification cards or any items that are designed for the manufacture of such cards.

(c) Articles of clothing or identification that claim to be, or appear similar to, official government uniforms.


The posting, offering for sale, or offering for purchase of hazardous or dangerous materials (such as the categories of dangerous goods as defined under the International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code) is forbidden on the Website. The posting of any products containing harmful substances (e.g. toys containing lead paint) is forbidden on the Website.


GJOA.COM prohibits the listing of any humans, the human body, or any human body part. Examples of such prohibited items include, but are not limited to: organs, bone, blood, *****, and eggs. Skulls and skeletons that are used for medical or educational purposes may be listed on the Website. Items made of human hair, such as wigs for commercial uses, may be permitted.


The listing or sale of any form of invoices or receipts (including blank, pre-filled, or value added invoices or receipts), is strictly prohibited on the Website.


GJOA.COM is an online business to business information and facilitation platform; personal and non-business information other than that which is required by the registration process, is prohibited.¬†“Do Business Here-Socialize Elsewhere” is the bottom line!


Non-transferable items may not be posted or sold through the Website. Many items including lottery tickets, airline tickets and some event tickets may not be resold or transferred.


The posting of law enforcement badges or official law enforcement equipment from any public authority, including badges issued by the government of any country, is strictly prohibited. There are some limited police items that may be listed on our Website, provided they observe any noted guidelines:

(a) Authorized general souvenir items, such as hats, mugs, pins, pens, buttons, cuff links, T-shirts, money clips that do not resemble badges, and paperweights that do not contain badges.

(b) Badges that are clearly not genuine or official (e.g. toy badges).

(c) Historical badges that do not resemble modern law enforcement badges, provided that the item description clearly states that the badge is a historical piece at least 75 years old or issued by an organization which no longer exists.

Police uniforms may be posted provided that they are obsolete and in no way resemble current issue police uniforms. This fact must be clearly stated within the posting description.


The posting or sale of pornographic or ****** materials, including *** “toys”, is strictly prohibited.


GJOA.COM  is the ideal site for business to business, allowing pursue of new trade partners suitable to engage with and complete commercial transactions and to sustain those relationships. Honesty and high ethical standardsare what we represent and require in our Registered Buyers and Sellers.. Postings on this Website should clearly represent the item being sold. If your objective is otherwise, we ask that you seek out other websites to carry on the business activity you seek to perform.


GJOA.COM does not permit the posting of prescription drugs. Members may post over-the-counter drugs if you have obtained necessary approval, license or permit to manufacture or sell drugs. If you are uncertain as to whether you may post over-the-counter drugs, please contact GJOA.COM prior to posting. GJOA.COM also does not permit the posting of unauthorized medical devices.


A real estate posting allows buyers to contact the seller to get more information and express interest about the property listed. Before you post a listing relating to sale or purchase of real estate, you must ensure that you have complied with all applicable laws and regulations.


Listing of counterfeits, non-licensed replicas, or unauthorized items, such as counterfeit designer garments, watches, handbags, sunglasses, or other accessories, is strictly prohibited on the Website. If the products sold bear the name or logo of a company, but did not originate from or were not endorsed by that company, such products are prohibited from the Website. Postings of luxury brand products are permitted if a certificate of authorization has been issued by the luxury brand owner. Postings offering to sell or purchase replicas, counterfeits or other unauthorized items shall be subject to removal by GJOA.COM. Repeated postings of counterfeit or unauthorized items shall result in the immediate suspension of your membership.


Descramblers or other items that can be used to gain unauthorized access to television programming (such as satellite and cable TV), internet access, telephone, data or other protected, restricted, or premium services are prohibited. Stating the item is for educational or test purposes will not legitimize a product that is otherwise inappropriate. Some examples of items which are not allowed include:

(a) Smart Card Programmers;

(b) Smart Cards;

(c) Descramblers; and

(d) Hardware or Software DSS Emulators.

Similarly, information on “how to” descramble or gain access to cable or satellite television programming or other services without authorization or payment is prohibited.¬†GJOA.COM¬†policy is to prohibit any encouragement of this type of activity.


Do not list any academic software (software sold at discounted prices to students, teachers, and employees of accredited learning institutions) unless you are so authorized. Postings violating¬†GJOA.COM¬†academic software policy may be deleted prior to publication. For postings of academic software on behalf of an authorized educational reseller or an educational institution, such licensure must be stated conspicuously in the postings, including selling leads, Products and companies. A certificate of authorization issued by the authorized educational reseller (or the educational institution) also must be provided to¬†GJOA.COM. Do not list “OEM” or “bundled” copies of software on the Website unless you are selling it with computer hardware. Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), or bundled software, is software that is obtained as part of the purchase of a new computer. OEM software licenses usually prohibit the purchaser from reselling the software without the computer or, in some cases, without any computer hardware.


The posting or sale of stolen property is strictly forbidden on the Website. Stolen property includes items taken from private individuals, as well as property taken without authorization from companies or governments. GJOA.COM supports and cooperates with law enforcement efforts involving the recovery of stolen property and the prosecution of responsible individuals. If you are concerned that the images and/or text in your item description have been used by another Website user without your authorization, or that your intellectual property rights have been violated by such user, please contact GJOA.COM.


The following items related to the commercial airline and public transportation industries may not be listed on the Website:

(a) Any article of clothing or identification related to transportation industries, including but not limited to, commercial airline pilot’s uniforms, flight attendant’s uniforms, airport service personnel uniforms, uniforms related to railway industries, and uniforms of security personnel of public transport industries. Vintage clothing related to commercial airlines or other public transport may be listed on the Website provided that the item description clearly states that the item is at least 10 years old, is no longer in use by the airline or other public transport authority and does not resemble any current uniform.

(b) Manuals or other materials related to mass commercial public transportation, including safety manuals published by commercial airlines or entities operating subways, trains or buses. Such items may only be listed if the description clearly states that the material is obsolete and no longer in use by the airline or other transit authority.

(c) Any official, internal, or non-public documents.


The listing or sale of unauthorized (pirated, duplicated, backup, bootleg, etc.) copies of software programs, video games, music albums, movies, television programs, photographs or other protected works is forbidden on the Website.


Used undergarments may not be listed or sold on the Website. Other used clothing may be listed, so long as the clothing has been thoroughly cleaned. Postings that contain inappropriate or extraneous descriptions will be removed. The listing or sale of used cosmetics is prohibited on the Website.


The listing or sale of any animal or animal product (including any animal parts which may include pelts, skins, internal organs, teeth, claws, shells, bones, tusks, ivory and other parts) protected by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) or any other local law or regulation is strictly forbidden on the Website.

Right to Terminate Use

Please note that GJOA.COM reserves the right to permanently remove any Registered Buyer or Seller for any and all violations of professional conduct and proper use of this website. In advance of such removal, the Registered Buyer or Seller will be informed of the determination and afforded the opportunity to defend their activities, such defense may or may not lead to re-instatement.

The aforementioned paragraph not withstanding, violations of those policies specifically mentioned above will lead to immediate and permanent banishment from GJOA.COM with no recourse for reinstatement.

If GJOA.COM, in its sole determination, finds that a Registered Seller is violating any of the heretofore mentioned policies, no rebate of Seller Registration funds will be made.

It is GJOA.COM’s intention to maintain the integrity of this website as a thoroughly professional business tool for use by its Registered Buyers and Sellers to further their business interests.

NOTICE: This list should not be considered exhaustive in nature and shall be updated on a continuous basis. If you are unsure about the product you wish to list with the Website in regard to its appropriateness or legality, or questions/comments on any of the above policies please contact contact@gjoa.com.