Start Selling on GJOA

Welcome to the Team

Congratulations!  We’ll thrilled to have you as part of the family of vendors selling their products and services on the GJOA E-Commerce website.  The steps below outline the process of signing up as new vendor, or converting your existing GJOA account from a customer account to a vendor account.

STEP 1: Review the Fees

As a seller, there is no annual fee and you will pay a 7.5% of any customer purchases.  Sellers are also responsible for any transaction fees that Stripe may charge.

Completely fill out your company profile information with complete contact info — this is how buyers can contact you directly and learn more about what your company offers.  Be sure to discuss all you offer, not just the specific product(s) or service(s) you have added to your online catalog.  Describe your company in detail.  This company profile page is your identity on GJOA.  Make it look GREAT!

Add Products (or services) =>  In order to have your company and products appear under your applicable industry category, you must add at least one product/service in each of the industry categories you represent (this becomes the page seen by the prospective buyers when they view your products).  We would recommend adding products that are “fast movers” or standard type products that are sold as-is and not custom in any way.  If you sell “bulk” type products (like fasteners, for example), list a few of your biggest sellers and indicate that you have a full line and to contact you directly so you can give them more information.

IMPORTANT:  In order to utilize the GJOA Shopping Cart function, you must be a registered user.  You can create a STRIPE Account OR connect an existing account if you already have one by clicking on the STRIPE PAYMENT MANAGER in your Seller Marketplace Tools.  If you elect to not use the Shopping Cart function (meaning no shopping cart will be seen by buyers when viewing your product page) then you will still have use of the SEND RFQ feature where buyers can still send you Requests for Quotes for your products.  Note, there are no additional charges, over and above your yearly subscription, to accept unlimited RFQs from buyers.

STEP 2: Register

Companies wishing to sell on GJOA are required to set up an account on the GJOA website prior to registering as a Seller.

Existing Account

If you have already created an account on our website:

  1. Login if are not already signed in to the website.
  2. Complete the additional vendor registration information below so that we can convert your account to a GJOA Seller.
New Account

If you have not yet created an account on our website:

  1. Select the Login / Register link in the top right corner or the Register Now button below.
  2. Fill out the Registration information, ensuring that you select I am a Vendor in the radio box section. This will expand the registration section to allow you to provide your company information.
Register Now


I see GJOA just launched in January 2020.  What is my incentive to get in early?

Great question.  As a marketplace portal starting at ground zero we rely on your decision to join at this early stage.  For this we are extending a reduced yearly subscription price of only $0.  This is a $99 discount off our standard yearly subscription fee of $99 and we are confident that in a year’s time GJOA will more than pay for itself as a generator of orders and RFQs for your business.  As one of the first sellers registered on GJOA you will have less competition from other sellers offering similar products or services.  This also gives you a head start building up your reputation and positive customer reviews so you will always be ahead of companies that register after you.  Ask yourself, “What is the cost of NOT joining?”.

What does it cost to be a SELLER/SUPPLIER on GJOA?

GJOA does not charge SELLERS a an annual subscription.  Sellers only pay when a sale is made in the form of a 7.5% commission to facilitate shopping cart purchases, if applicable.  The credit card processing fees (2.9%+$.30 or more in different countries) are passed along at cost. Payments are paid directly to SELLER’S bank in local currency.  Note, SELLERS must have a account connected in order to be eligible to use the Shopping Cart system and receive payments from BUYERS for shopping cart purchases.  See Important paragraph above.

If your products aren’t applicable to instant purchases (to large, to custom, to many products to list, etc.) then there are no additional charges/commissions above the yearly subscription fee.  Buyers can send you RFQ’s or contact you directly from the information you provide on your Company Profile Page.  And, there is no need to have a account connected.

What countries are supported by Stripe?  What can I do IF my country isn’t supported by Stripe?

Currently, Stripe payments are supported in these countries:  Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States.  An invite must be sent to Stripe if you are in:  Brazil or Mexico.

If you are in a currently unsupported country you can utilize STRIPE ATLAS.  No matter what country you are in, you can use Atlas to easily incorporate a U.S. company, set up a U.S. bank account, and start accepting payments with Stripe on Gjoa.

I just listed a product/service for sale.  Why isn’t it live on the site yet?

Once you add a product/service it goes through an approval process.  Part of the benefit of using GJOA is all products are vetted to confirm validity and approved by a GJOA administrator.  This approval process takes places throughout the day.  Check back soon under MY PRODUCTS and you will see your product(s)/service(s) have been activated and are visible to buyers on GJOA.

This page will be updated as new questions arise.